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Friday, March 9, 2012

comScore Monetization Analytix (MAx)

One of the popular news site in India is, The Times of India. Their site is:

They intent fully put cheesy content to the bottom so people scroll down and click on that content so they make extra cash on these page views (by selling display ads).

Example of the content (annoys the heck out of me when an old newspaper puts nonsense content like this. Where is the editorial integrity gone?)

Especially the life and style.

So another newspaper in India made a mockery out of their content using this Ad.
Link-Which newspaper do you read?

Kareena Kapoor is one of the top actresses, but the point here is no one knows answer to simple stuff. The beep is for calling out Times Of India’s name.

Most managing editors have guilt for such cheesy content but then to stay alive in digital business those page views are needed. This makes it very important to serve limited content and make more money out of the ads. This is where MAx offering from comScore can help.

Geek Hangout

I always hear about the various events that people participate in. I managed to get a good list of such events. I probably call it as the Geek Hangout.

Here is a list of some of these conferences where the fun happens:
Game Developers Conference
LAUNCH Festival
SXSW Interactive
London Web Summit
Ignition West
Structure Data
Microsoft Dev Connection
Combinator Demo Day
VentureBeat Mobile Summit
Data 2.0 Summit
Ad Age Digital
The Next Web
Future Insights Live
Wired Business Conference
BlackBerry World
Tech Policy Summit
Microsoft TechEd North America 2012
LeWeb London
Structure Data
Microsoft TechEd Europe
Google I/O
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Techmeme does a complete list
Techmeme events list

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Linkedin Adverstising

As I am writing this blogpost I am on a train journey back to Washington DC. The Acela express provides free internet connectivity but at the same time probably optimizes the use of internet by blocking the ads.

One example of this was the double click/Dart iframe actually shows the call made to doubleclick but has no display ad being served.

What is interesting is the data about me that LinkedIn passes to Double click and which I think is pretty specific segment information as it is accurate and provided by me :)

u=>Encoded user id?
func=>my job function first word in the title
func=>my job function
coid=>Company ID
csize=>Company Size
zip=>My Zip code
edu=>My grad school
edu=>My undergrad school
gy=>Graduating Year
seg=>Target Segment
grp=>Target Group

Just thought this is exciting. For a free service I do not mind LinkedIn using my data. Also for what it matters I will probably never click on a display ad and thus the ad spend is a waste for the advertiser as my propensity to act on the message provided by the ad is ZERO :)

Also if you would like to opt out here is a video: