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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Analysis nugget: SEO/SEM Conversion Optimization

Create a process for maximizing search campaign conversion and traffic. Focus on specific target sites and keyword campaigns. Analysts can easily chose a single domain and set of keywords and generate reports on demand to assess the impact of bidding strategies before rolling out the strategy to other web properties.

Identify top-ranking SEO keywords that also have high corresponding SEM ad spend and watch onscreen in real time the impact of modifying bids to lower levels. With continuous monitoring and analysis the analysts can confirm the impact on total conversion and revenue resulting from changing SEM bid rules and repeat the process for all integrated keyword portfolios, across sites and domains. Once keyword campaigns are optimized, marketers can watch for emerging website traffic trends, increases in conversions, and conduct customer pathway analysis to further refine campaigns to be more relevant and drive higher conversion.

Addition: In response to the comment. My post wasnt suggesting that SEM is not required. This was just one of the many ways of performing analysis and improving conversion.