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Friday, February 24, 2012

Set comScore debugger

I got a comment from a user few days back. I want to mention that this works only for comScore's tracked traffic.

To setup the Digital Aanaltix/comScore beacon Debugger
1) Open any browser and then go to any website.
2) Browse to any page on the internet and set a bookmark.

3) Edit the bookmark and change the URL. The following shows the steps in Mozilla.
Step 1: Find your bookmarks and right click to see the properties option.

Step 2: When you click on properties the following window opens and the location/URL needs to be updated.

Step 3: Copy the following javaScript


Step 4: Replace the URL with the javaScript. The final screen looks like:

Okay now that I have it, how do i use it?
1) Go to the website where you want to see the comScore beacon values
2) Click on the bookmark list while on the website and then click the bookmark for debugger.

3) Here is what you should see.