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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Are you a Black Belt in Web Analytics?

I came across this quiz on one of the LinkedIn groups I subscribe to. I think that the title of "Black Belt" doesn't mean much as different things work for different people. What is interesting though is that all of us as practitioners should be asking these questions.

So check out the quiz
Web Analytics Black Belt quiz

1) Do you know why your website exists?
2) Do you know how you make money on your site?
3) Do you know whats people's experience of your site?
4) Do you know how many manage to accomplish the task?
5) Do you know what people like or dislike with your site?
6) Do you know the monthly return rate?
7) Do you know the volume of your returning visits?
8) Do you know how important your various traffic sources are?
9) Do you know your top 10 entry pages?
10) Do you know their conversion and bounce rate over time?
11) Do you know what type of content is consumed most?
12) Do you know the value of the visitors that consumed various content?
13) Do you know how many of your visits use internal search?
14) Do you know what type of searches your visitors do?
15) Do you know your head vs long tail?
16) Do you know the value of your long tail?
17) Do you know your best converting keywords?
18) Have you grouped the keywords in various buckets based on volume or value?
19) Do you know your top referring URLs?
20) Do you know how these URLs perform on conversion, bounce and revenue?
21) Do you know where people lick on your most people click on your most important pages?
22) If you have a desired path funnel do you know where people drop out?
23) Do you track your social media efforts?
24) Do you know how much ROI your social media engagements bring?
25) Do you know your most profitable online ad campaigns?
26) Do you know your most profitable offline ad campaign?
27) Do you use a bid management tool to maximize your online campaign ROI?
28) Do you know how your adwords cannibalize on your organic traffic?
29) Do you track your email marketing campaigns correctly?
30) Do you evaluate and optimize the content of your emails?
31) Do you have a KPI dashboard and how frequently do you monitor it?
32) Do various part of the organization use various dashboards?
33) Do you know the type of segments that are important for your business?
34) Do you break down your numbers per segment?
35) Do you know what actions directly affects your conversion?
36) Can you tell how the factors that affect conversion correlate with each other?
37) Have you done A/B test on your top entry pages?
38) Do you have a systematic methodology for A/B testing?
39) Do you have a long term strategy for your testing?
40) Do you document your findings?
41) Do you spread the knowledge of your findings?
42) Do you know what your competitors do?

I think if you know answers to most of these questions you have indepth knowledge of your web analytics program.